ExaStencils Tutorials

These tutorials are a good place for new users to ExaStencils but also for more advanced users that want to recapitulate the DSL’s syntax or some intricacies of ExaStencils. These tutorials explain the general structure of an ExaSlang program specification, the syntax of the layered DSL, the code generation process, but also how ExaSlang features such as visualization or timings can be used.

Example Codes

For ExaStencils, we currently have two tutorials. In order to minimize recurrences in the tutorials, not all important aspects are covered in each tutorial. Instead, the first tutorial is the most comprehensive and the following simply introduce new concepts that have not been covered yet. Thus, please follow the reading order below.

The ExaStencils tutorials comprise following applications:

  1. 2D FD Poisson Solver using the Multigrid method

  2. 3D FV Navier Stokes Solver using the Full Approximation Scheme