GHODDESS Tutorials

These tutorials are a good place for new users to GHODDESS but also for more advanced users that want to use specific features of GHODDESS. They briefly explain the quadrature-free discontinuous Galerkin (DG) discretization of the 2D shallow water equations, the code generation pipeline, and how specific features should be used.

Example Codes

For GHODDESS, we currently have two tutorials. The first one is the most comprehensive one and covers the basics of the DG discretization and teaches how to set up a simple simulation, including visualizing the results. The following introduces new aspects that still need to be covered and leads the user to a p-adaptive simulation setup with sophisticated parallelization. Thus, please follow the reading order below.

The GHODDESS tutorials comprise the following applications:

  1. Piecewise constant simulation tide-driven flow at Bight of Abaco (Bahamas)

  2. Adaptive constant-linear simulation of radial dam break